Erste Wertungen für GalCiv3

      Erste Wertungen für GalCiv3

      Die ersten Wertungen für GalCiv3 sind verfügbar und laut Metacritic hat es bisher nur Wertungen mit 80 oder höher erhalten. :)
      Hier einige Auszüge:

      IGN - May 14, 2015
      Wertung: 86/100
      Galactic Civilizations 3 doesn't do much to change the established explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate grand strategy model aside from its ideological advancement tree, but its extensive customization, faction personality, and overall quality make it an excellent game.

      GameSpot - May 14, 2015
      Wertung: 80/100
      Galactic Civilizations keeps its focus right where it needs to--on excellent fundamentals. Progressive pacing makes the enormity of space amenable and paradoxically personal, while the sheer number and variety of tools and options at your disposal allow you to succeed and win if you can out-think everyone else.

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