Sticky Changelog

    BETA 2.2 ( - Released 16.08.2013
    - fixed an issue with Mod support
    - added debug mode for decoding/encoding dataX.db files
    - fixed a small issue with timers (detecting if Cube.exe or Server.exe is running)

    BETA 2.1 ( - Released 08.08.2013
    - fixed Mod import (temp files should be properly renamed and removed now)
    - fixed a few typos
    - fixed a few missing sound effects
    - removed debug message when launching Cube World with default port
    - fixed Newsticker (some special links did not work properly)

    BETA 2 (
    - added Mod Support
    - changed ads (now ignore ad blockers and open in default browser)
    - fixed typo on "Tweaks" (possible fix for blue fog)
    - changed arrangement of items on Tweaks tab a bit

    BETA 1 ( - Released 03.08.2013
    - fixed flickering objects on first visit of "Infos" Tab
    - fixed trailing space in server.cfg when using a Seed from the Seedlist
    - added onetime Feedback reminder
    - added link to Tweaks (possible fix for blue fog)
    - added Port selector for Cube.exe and Server.exe
    - added message if no new update is available after a manual check in the settings
    - added Slap counter
    - added hint to reduce input lag to Tweaks (should help many people)
    - added Newsticker
    - added a few new tooltips to buttons (just put your cursor over them)
    - added hint for random seed generator in server tab
    - added link to new support forums to "About"
    - added link to Bl4ckSh33p-Soft to "About"
    - added new links for Wiki and Mod Database
    - added small ad to unregistered version
    - added "Remove Ads" button for everyone who donated anything to "About"
    - added option to force backups of Cube.exe and Server.exe on startup (hold down ALT-key when clicking on "Launch Cube World")

    ALPHA 2.4 (
    - HOTFIX: should fix the Auto Update feature

    ALPHA 2.3 (
    - improved Auto Update code
    - Server Restart interval temporarily disabled
    - fixed wrong cursor on a few buttons/links
    - added link to official CWLP website (Facebook)
    - added 2 Buttons to download Mods
    - improved/fixed Timers for Auto Backup, Cloud and Server Restart - you should now be able to switch between pages after launching the game or server.

    ALPHA 2.2 (
    - fixed version display out of window in About screen
    - fixed Cloud file list not remembered if all were deselected
    - fixed Upload/Download Cloud buttons sometimes not being enabled when they should

    ALPHA 2.1 (
    - HOTIFX: fixed "Use Cloud" checkbox always disabled
    - fixed Version display in window title

    ALPHA 2 (0.0.2)
    - added Cloud Support for Backups
    - added Tweaks (Render Distance and switch Account)
    - added Auto-Restart for Servers
    - added check if new version of CWLP is available on Startup and in Settings
    - cleaned up "Infos" section and added new content

    ALPHA 1 (0.0.1)
    - Launch Cube World
    - Launch Server (original or custom)
    - Create Backups (manually or automatically after exiting Cube World)
    - Seed List Manager for Servers