Sticky Known Issues and workarounds

      Known Issues and workarounds

      Problem: Custom Seed not working
      Details: clicking "Use" in the Server tab to use a selected Seed from the list adds a blank space after the Seed in "Server.cfg" which can cause problems.
      Workaround: Open "Server.cfg" in Notepad and remove the empty space (" ") behind the number and save it.

      Fixed in BETA 1 (
      Problem: Infinite error popups when Cube World is not installed or no folder is selected
      Details: Launching CWLP without Cube World installed and cancelling the selection of the Cube World folder brings up an error and when the app window appears a new error will show up about every second (part of the detection code if Cube World is running). You need to close the app via the taskbar or if this does not work the Windows Task Manager (terminate the process).
      Workaround: Make sure you install Cube World before launching CWLP and if prompted select the right Cube World folder.