Multiplayer Issue(?)

      Multiplayer Issue(?)


      I ran across another issue. Sorry I'm new to all this so yeah. :(

      My boyfriend and I are both using the launcher. We like to play multiplayer together. To do this, we use Hamachi. However, when he turns on his hamachi+server (and I log in hamachi) he is able to get into the multiplayer world and connect to his server. However I am unable to connect to his server.

      This only happens when we use the launcher. When he uses the normal cube world launcher, I am able to connect to him even if I use CubeWorldLauncherPlus. It seems the host cannot use CWLP? Or is there an extra step we have to do for this to work?

      Hi. Thanks for registering and using the official support forums. :)

      I have never used Hamachi so I don't know how it works exactly. :huh:

      Did you change the Ports of Cube.exe or Server.exe with CWLP or are you both using the default port (12345)? Does Hamachi launch Cube World or the Server.exe?